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Monthly Archive for September, 2012

Hello Dear Readers! For my first (real) blog post as the Dwight Greene Intern for Diversity and Community Engagement, I wanted to give everyone that reads this blog a contextual understanding of not only what I’ll be doing this year but also what my personal feelings are towards the work that I do and the […]

Welcome Freshman/Welcome Back Everyone Else! My name is Christian Hosam and I’ll be the Dwight Greene Intern for Diversity and Community Engagement during this academic year! But what does that even mean anyway? Well, above everything else, it means that I serve as an institutional resource to ALL students on campus and I’m someone that […]

Welcome to the 2012-2013 academic year at Wesleyan University. As Dean for Diversity and Student Engagement, I am pleased to introduce the following student staff associated with my office: Christian Hosam ’15, Dwight Greene Intern for Diversity & Community Engagement chosam_at_wesleyan.edu Noor Tell ’14, Dwight Greene Intern for the SOC Oral History Project ntell_at_wesleyan.edu Additionally, […]